Arrested Development

  • John Amadeo (Supervising Producer)
  • David Shafer (Co-Producer)

Balls to the Wall

  • Penelope Spheeris (Director)
  • Patrick Stapleton (UPM)

Arrested Development

  • Marc Bennett (Director)
  • Patrick Stapleton (UPM)

American Dreams

  • Jonathan Prince (Exec. Producer)
  • Jim Chory (Co-Exec. Producer)
  • David Semel (Exec. Producer)
  • Adam Countee (David’s asst.)

Gone But Not Forgotten (MOW)

  • Armand Mastoianni (Director)

Crime of the Century

  • Mike Moder (Producer)

A Time To Remember (MOW)

  • John Putch (Director)

Monster Makers & Night of the Wolf

  • Dave Cass (Director)

Taken, Taken 2, Multiple Mini-Series & MOW’s

  • Michael Mandaville (UPM)


  • Todd Hoffman (Producer/Agent)

Heart of a Champion & Power 98

  • Gary Bettmen (Producer)

In der Glanzvollen Welt des Hotel Adlon

  • Percy Adlon (Director)