By Adiego, I. J.

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Groups 2–4 are in factrock graffiti that are practically impossible to read. From the existing editions of the inscriptions, nothing can be acceptably identified as Carian. The cases of Khalketor and Aphrodisias are different; in Khalketor, at least one of the two inscriptions discovered is clearly readable. But this simply allows us to state that the alphabet of Khalketor has nothing to do with the Carian writing system. Concerning the language of texts from Khalketor, all attempts to interpret them using our limited knowledge of Carian have proved fruitless.

These will allow us to adjust the transcriptions of several letters more precisely to their actual phonological value, and to simplify other conventions in transcribing Carian signs. Moreover, since the publication of the works mentioned above, hypothetical sound values have been proposed for some formerly undeciphered letters, which will also be considered in the revised system presented here. 2. Vocalism The method of transcribing vowels used until now has been largely superseded by our improved understanding of the Carian vocalic system.

Me 3, as corresponding to the Pigres (P¤grhw) mentioned in Polyaenus’ Stratagemata (7, 3). C. 8 Until now, the oldest Carian inscription from Egypt is the base of a statue of the goddess Isis, which can be dated to the second half of VII century thanks to the presence of a cartouche displaying the name of the pharaoh Psammetichus I. This document is therefore chronologically very close to the arrival of Carian and Ionian mercenaries in Egypt and their subsequent settlement in the Eastern Delta (Masson 1969:35–36, 1977[78]:335).

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