By Chang Q Sun, Yi Sun

This e-book positive aspects the most recent advances and destiny traits in water technological know-how and know-how. It additionally discusses the clinical popularization and quantitative solution of various mysterious houses of water and ice from the viewpoint of hydrogen-bond cooperativity in keeping with stimuli similar to chemical infection, electrification, magnetification, mechanical compression, molecular undercoordination, and thermal excitation. Anomalies comprise the floating of ice, the Hofmeister influence in suggestions, regelation of ice, slipperiness of ice, water’s tricky dermis, the Mpemba paradox, and the floating bridge. It additionally addresses the superfluidity of microchannels, hydrogen bond potentials, nanodroplet and bubble thermodynamics, quasisolidity and supersolidity, controlling superhydrophobicity–superhydrophilicity transition, and high-pressure ice formation. the objective viewers for this publication contains scholars, senior students, engineers and practitioners within the region of actual chemistry, biology, in addition to aqueous and colloid solutions.

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