By Guy de la Bédoyère

A close portrait for nonspecialists of the numerous features of Romano-British society as published through archaeological excavation, together with the latest discoveries...may turn into the traditional archaeological survey of Roman Britain for college students and lay readers. at the same time scholarly and tasty.

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Roman Britain - A New History

An in depth portrait for nonspecialists of the numerous points of Romano-British society as printed by means of archaeological excavation, together with the latest discoveries. .. might develop into the traditional archaeological survey of Roman Britain for college kids and lay readers. concurrently scholarly and tasty.

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February brought the return of the embassy w i t h the news that their mission had been fruitless, for Antony far from showing submission had counter-claims to put forward, and the senatus consultum ultimum was formally passed. But Antony could still rely oh his supporters at Rome to protract proceedings, and i t was only after another proposal for an embassy had been mooted and quashed that Pansa marched out on 19 M a r c h , with four legions, to j o i n his colleagues, of whom H i r t i u s was at Claterna and Octavius at Forum Cornelii.

The lex curiata necessary to confirm his adoption was at last passed; henceforward he was Gaius Julius Caesar Octavianus. The full significance of this—which Antony well realized—is obscured for modern readers by the convention of describing h i m as Octavian, a term only employed for h i m by his enemies or by those who wished to be less than polite . T o the Roman people and to the legions he was now Caesar, and the name was magical . A Lex Pedia, which pronounced sentence of outlawry upon all assassins after a form of trial had been gone through, was passed as a signal for all Caesarians, and with his army increased to eleven legions Octavian drew out of Rome for the n o r t h .

Brutus, too, had been fortunate. Landing at Athens he was warmly received and young men such as M . Cicero or M . Valerius! Messalla Corvinus or Q. Horatius Flaccus enrolled themselves under h i m i n a transport of Republican fervour; i n Illyricum the legions of Vatinius went over to h i m , and he managed to bring* C. c. C. See Dessau 886; T h . Burckhardt-Biedermann, Die Kolonie Augusta Raurica, and C. Jullian, Histoire de la Gaule, vol. i v , pp. 42 sqq. T h e actual order for the foundation was apparently given by the Senate: Dio X L V I , 50.

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