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People may be confused because the cartoon characters and images found on blotting paper look like transfers. Absorbing LSD through the skin has very little effect on a person. Marijuana is healthier than cigarettes because it’s natural. Marijuana smoke contains tars and carcinogens just like tobacco smoke. Risk Taking and Personal Safety Issues in Society | Volume 349 The risks associated with drinking can be far greater for young people than for adults, because they are still developing, both physically and emotionally.

Alcohol seriously impairs your ability to react quickly, make good judgements, and drive as well as you might normally. Driving while over the alcohol limit is illegal, and you will be fined, gain demerit points, and potentially even lose your licence if you’re caught. It also puts you, your passengers, other people on the roads and pedestrians at risk – of injury or even death. WHY DO PEOPLE DRINK AND DRIVE? People might drink and drive for a number of reasons including: ➤➤ They aren’t aware they’re drunk ➤➤ They feel more confident after drinking and think they are capable of driving, even though they’re really not ➤➤ People think or hope they won’t get caught ➤➤ After drinking too much they’re unable to make safe, responsible decisions and deal with complex problems.

Only four per cent of 19-24 year olds who didn’t engage in high-level speeding, drive while affected by an illegal drug or drive without a helmet, did so at 23-24. About a quarter of those who had often engaged in risky driving behaviour at 19-20 weren’t doing it any longer by the age of 23-24, and half were engaging in the behaviour less often. 5 times more likely to have driven when affected by amphetamines. Rates of speeding and driving without a seatbelt were also much higher among young drink drivers, with drink drivers being four to five times more likely than their peers to engage in these behaviours on a recent driving trip.

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