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With the Louisiana buy in 1803, the USA bought nearly 828,000,000 sq. miles of territory from France, thereby doubling the scale of the younger republic. What was once referred to as Louisiana Territory stretched from the Mississippi River within the east to the Rocky Mountains within the west, and from the Gulf of Mexico within the south to the Canadian border within the north. half or all of 15 states have been finally produced from the land deal, that's one of an important achievements of Thomas Jefferson s presidency. This identify will permit scholars to investigate the interactions among contributors, occasions, and concepts in a textual content.

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S. explorer; with William Clark, he led the Corps of Discovery in exploring the Louisiana Purchase (1804-1806). Sacagawea (1788-1812) - Shoshone woman who served as guide and interpreter for Lewis and Clark during their exploration of the Louisiana Purchase (1804-1806). York - William Clark’s African-American slave and life-long companion, who accompanied Clark on the expedition. Clark granted York his freedom about 10 years after their return, and he moved to Kentucky. 43 Timeline 1682 French explorers in the Mississippi River valley claim an immense territory for King Louis XIV of France and name it Louisiana.

30 Native groups such as the Atsina were unknown to settlers. Spain and the United States could not agree on Louisiana’s western border with Texas, which was a part of Spanishowned Mexico. Attempts to resolve the question broke down in 1805, when the two countries broke off diplomatic relations. General Wilkinson found a solution acceptable to both sides, in part because he was still on Spain’s payroll as a spy. His compromise established a neutral strip of land, with a 10-year period during which neither power would be in charge.

Gov/collection/louisiana-european-explorations-and-the-louisiana-purchase/about-this-collection/ Show What You Know 1. In what year did Spain trade Louisiana back to France in the Treaty of San Ildefonso? 2. In what year did Thomas Jefferson send Lewis and Clark on the expedition known as the Corps of Discovery? 3. In what year did Congress pass the Homestead Act? 4. Name two of the species of animals Lewis and Clark discovered on their expedition. 5. Who was Sacagawea and what role did she play in Lewis and Clark’s expedition?

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