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Kulturelle Globalisierung und internationale Kooperation

Internationale Kooperation lebt durch ihre Akteure. Heute kann beinahe jeder Einfluss auf internationale Entscheidungen nehmen. Matthias Gronholz beschreibt die dahinter stehenden Mechanismen und schlägt einen Bogen vom Dreißigjährigen Krieg bis hin zur Globalisierung. Er offenbart den darwinistischen Einfluss auf die Entwicklung zwischenstaatlicher Beziehungen und die besondere Rolle der Zivilgesellschaft.

Social Concertation in Times of Austerity

A time period particularly present in ecu politics, social concertation refers to cooperation among exchange unions, governments and employers in public policy-making. Social Concertation in instances of Austerity investigates the political underpinnings of social concertation within the context of eu integration.

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11,and its footnotes. On US intelligence see the works of Dorwart, op, cit. and Jeffreys-Jones, op. cit. Thomas F. : Aegean Park Press, 1977). C. : GPO, 1976) pp. 163-178; Ray S. Cline, CIA: Reality vs. Myth (Washington : Acropolis Books, 1983) and Cord Meyer, Facing Reality: From World Federalism to the CIA (New York: Harper & Row, 1980). The decline in US intelligence capabilities, particularly covert action and counter-intelligence has been documented in the multi-volume series Intelligence Requirement for the 1980's, op.

But it is important to recognize the importance of this basic skill. Defectors probably play the largest role on the counter-intelligence stage. One works hard to procure, persuade, charm and bribe key individuals to defect. One should stress that these defectors are not only from hostile intelligence services, but anyone who has access to technologicalor policy making information . Sometimes this hard work succeeds . I have no statistics , but I believe that most ofthe important defectors to the West since the war, just 'walked in at the door'.

F' At a minimum , CI consists of the identification and neutralization of threats posed by foreign or other intelligence services, and further , the manipulation of these services for the manipulator's benefit. Some argue that this definition is too limited and that CI should include the threats posed to security by non-governmental forces such as individuals, terrorists, or internationally organized crime. But there is another and even more far reaching concept of CI, with significant policy implications.

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