By John Carruthers

Brickwork permits the reader to increase their realizing of key topics by way of finishing the varied workouts and exams, together with a number of selection questions. additionally, every one subject starts off with a precis of key proof and figures, making this an excellent direction textual content established around middle details and tests instead of analyzing a longer textual content. The assurance comprises overall healthiness and security and simple calculations in addition to the technical and useful facets of brickwork. All scholars of bricklaying will locate this a stimulating and valuable revision aid.

Learn via key truth summaries and workouts, no longer prolonged textIdeal for autonomous learn and revision

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6. An assembly drawing shows: a The location of the building in relation to the setting out point. b Identifies the site and locates the outline of the building. c All information necessary for the manufacture and application of components. d In detail the construction of buildings, and junctions in and between elements etc. 7. The symbol indicated below is a: a sink b shower tray c wash basin d gulley. 8. A datum level is: a the ground level b a point from which all levels are taken c the foundation level d the floor level.

Pencil lines can weather away over a period of time. 22. What are profiles constructed out of? Pegs – 50 mm × 50 mm; cross boards – 75 mm × 30 mm. 23. What information would you find on a title panel? Site address, clients name, drawing number, date of drawing, scales used. 24. How do you take care of a cowley level? Always make sure the locking screw is tight before moving it, and packing it away. Never carry the instrument on the tripod. Always wipe clean and dry the equipment on completion of work.

9. To keep the bed joints to the required thickness it is advisable to: a level the work frequently b lay the brick frog up c use a gauge lath/rod d lay the brick frog down. BRICK WALLING DETAILS 51 10. A half-brick wall is 7 m × 2 m high. What is the number of bricks required to build the wall? a 960 b 840 c 920 d 880. 11. The area of a brick which surrounds the frog is called: a margin b stretcher face c arris d header face. 12. The term ‘racking back’ is used to describe: a raking out the joints of brickwork ready for pointing b stepped effect obtained when setting up corners c slope of walls built at less than 90° d sloping sides of a trench.

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