By Carol Marinelli

Bookish heiress Karin has failed in her first act of defiance! She's attempted to take again the logo of every little thing sturdy in her existence, yet ruthless billionaire Xante Rossi has stuck her red-handed!Why is that this shy attractiveness stealing from him? Xante is intrigued. Karin's purity belies the corruption her kinfolk identify represents. to save lots of her from scandal and discover the reality, he will make an offer. If Karin desires her priceless heirloom, she'll need to earn it again in his bed room!

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Now he stood proud, sombre and knowledgeable in his role, fulfilling it with so much more grace than the token effort Karin had made on occasion. At that moment, she was assailed with jealousy, almost—jealous of this family that maintained its traditions, a family that stuck together, a family so far removed from the one she had grown up with. And then Xante looked over, gave her a smile that wasn’t anything other than nice—‘a just checking that she was okay’ smile—and she burnt in her seat as she smiled back.

The panic that flittered over her features enraged him. What the hell was she so scared of? He’d felt her unfurl in his arms, and she knew the terms of their arrangement. But a reluctant partner was no partner at all, and Xante wanted her writhing. ’ He stood her up and practically marched her to the bed. He went to unwrap her gown, but she clung onto it. So he packed her into bed still wearing it, tucking the sheets around her. ’ he ordered, because if she didn’t take his offer to sleep now, so help him God, she wouldn’t for a long time.

Beyond embarrassed, Karin pulled her face away; she could scarcely believe what had taken place. ’ There was a glint of triumph in his eyes, a look that told her he knew. ’ She gave him a patronising smile, trying to kid them both it had been just a kiss—except it had been so much more. ‘I’d better go in. ’ She let out an irritated sigh in an attempt to assert control. ‘I’m tired. It’s been a long day. ’ ‘Next time—’ Xante started, but Karin interrupted. ’ Karin spelt it out because she had to, because for ten months more she had promised never to reveal her family’s secret.

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