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I believed in hard work and progress and action, but now, after first being “for” society and then “against” it, I assign myself no rank or any limit, and such an attitude is very much against the trend of the times. But my world has become one of infinite possibilities. (576) The feeling of being “socially invisible” was not only exclusive to those with college degrees and professional careers. Even participants without degrees or who had lower-paying jobs had a similar response to the question.

I asked him where had he heard the song. ” The 1992 song Take The Pussy is from the defunct rap group Too Much Trouble based in Houston, Texas. The group consisted of four members, three Black and one White. In the first verse, the lone White member, Bar-None, raps: I ain’t gonna pay for shit that I can take/ And I love it when a bitch screams rape/ Each verse in the song depicts a graphic scene of raping a woman who refuses to willingly submit to a man’s sexual desires. The extent to which misogynistic messages have a negative societal impact is the focus of many of the above studies.

The next step is to take a bullwhip and beat the remaining nigger males to the point of death, in front of the female and the infant. Don’t kill him, but put the fear of God in him, for he can be useful for future breeding. (Hassan-El 1999, 3) As a result of the institutional and systemic structure of slavery, Black males were left in a vulnerable state of mind. The physical chains were removed; however, the mental psyche was destroyed. Gwen Bergner (1998) in her analysis of race suggests that the oppressive nature of the White male during slavery made him “the agent of a racist social order prohibiting Black males not only from satisfying sexual desire, but from achieving basic autonomy, normative masculinity, and self-determination” (253).

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