Bachelorettes, Boy Bands, Beyoncé! Plus: insurrection Grrrl Revisited.

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Love It/Shove It

• Gaming the approach: Are Women-Led games D.O.A.?

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||| at the Hips—Why fats is a queer and feminist issue

||| at the News—Idle not more activists are speaking—but are the govt and media listening?

||| On Ritual—The mammoth enterprise of bachelorette parties

::: All Hail the Queen?—What do our perceptions of Beyonce's feminism say approximately us?

::: Lens Crafting—How frames switch the way in which we learn the news

::: Revisiting the Riot—An interview with punk veteran Mimi Thi Nguyen

::: Housebound—Why the dollhouse metaphor is still so indelible

::: darkish Habits—American Horror tale: Asylum and the Gothic-nun tradition

\\\ Prep Talk—The literary legacy of British boarding-school stories

\\\ Written Off—Why aren't black lady screenwriters getting their due?

\\\ Hopeless Romantics—The secure sexuality of boy-band mania

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Adventures in Feministory Comics: Gyo Fujikawa through Andi Zeisler

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Ever when you consider that Deleuze and Guattari provocatively declared that every one turning into needs to move in terms of a 'becoming-woman', their paintings has been the topic of extreme feminist interrogation. This booklet highlights the foremost issues of this ongoing inquiry, focusing quite at the implications of Deleuze's paintings for a in particular feminist philosophy.

The Sexual Politics of Meat: A Feminist-Vegetarian Critical Theory (20th Anniversary Edition)

Submit yr be aware: First released in 1990

First released in 1990, The Sexual Politics of Meat is a landmark textual content within the ongoing debates approximately animal rights. within the 20 years due to the fact, the ebook has encouraged controversy and heated debate.

The Sexual Politics of Meat argues that what, or extra accurately who, we consume depends on the patriarchal politics of our tradition, and that the meanings hooked up to meat consuming are frequently clustered round virility.


The connections traced among rampant masculinity, misogyny, carnivorism, and militarism function as powerfully this day as while Carol Adams first clinically determined them two decades ago” J M Coetzee

For 20 years, The Sexual Politics of Meat has encouraged, engaged, and challenged readers. Now, with a foreword via Nellie McKay, an expansive new preface by means of the writer, and eight pages of pictures culled from pop culture, The Sexual Politics of Meat is as startling, revelatory, thought-provoking, and lifechanging as whilst it first appeared.

“A bible of the vegan community” long island Times

“Her argument is rational and persuasive . . . New flooring – complete acres of it – is damaged by means of Adams” Washington Post
“Important and provocative . . . more likely to either motivate and enrage readers around the political spectrum” Library Journal

“Adams’s unique, provocative ebook makes an immense contribution to the controversy on animal rights” Publishers Weekly

“The Sexual Politics of Meat couldn’t be extra well timed, or extra disturbing” Environmental Ethics

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What does “feminism” suggest at the present time? that's the query on the middle of we must always All Be Feminists, a private, eloquently-argued essay—adapted from her much-viewed Tedx speak of a similar name—by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, the award-winning writer of Americanah and half a Yellow sunlight.

La révolution du féminin

Le mouvement féministe a produit bien plus qu'une dynamique d'égalisation des stipulations féminine et masculine. Il a contribué, montre Camille Froidevaux-Metterie, à réorganiser en profondeur notre monde commun, à los angeles faveur d'un processus toujours en cours qui voit les rôles familiaux et les fonctions sociales se désexualiser.

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What is not there? It is stating the obvious to observe that no archive is an authoritative source for grasping a record of the past. Another is a matter of media: Because of distribution and production models, bands circulate more widely than zines. There are multiple forms through which we might encounter a band—albums and songs are easily copied and sent to others. And, at least for me, most of the women of color I knew were zine writers, not musicians or performers, so they were much less visible in the scene and in the so-called mainstream press, both during riot grrrl’s moments of emergence and today’s moments of commemoration.

Even Queen Beys. , Bitch, the Guardian, Huffington Post, Newsweek, and Psychology Today. She is senior editor at Racialicious and is working on her first book, an exploration of black women and marriage. Your purchase of this digital edition makes it possible for us to thrive. ” In advance of the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the organization released a video in January called “Not in Her Shoes” that aimed to make abortion a label-free issue. “[Pro-choice and pro-life] labels limit the conversation,” the video stated.

Why do you think this is? There are a number of possible factors for the focus on white women in academic and popular studies of punk and riot grrrl. One or more might be a matter of access: It matters which persons, bands, and zines are already mentioned in earlier studies, or are found in academic and other archives. So we have to ask, what is in the archive, and how did it get there? What are the criteria for assembling, organizing, and presenting materials? Who selects and collects, shapes and donates their stories to an archive?

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