By M. T. Silva (auth.), Robert M. Burton, Francisco Carvalho Guerra (eds.)

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As reported,the profile of the outer membrane of normal gram-negatives(that is lead-asymmetric)is PAS-asymmetric (Fig. 48,49,55) and in EDTA-treated cells it becanes PAS-negative (Fig. For example,the polysaccharides of Samonella typhimurium covers about 40 % of the outer membrane surface/ 5 ;the lipoteichoic acid of Staphylococcus aureus can reach 15 % of the membrane lipids 84;the lip:mannan of M. lysog deikticus represents about 20 % of the cytoplasmic membrane-weight O. d) No such amphiphiles have been found in the cytoplasmic membrane of gram-negatives 94; 26 Table 2.

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