By Roger Williams

There is not any such factor as a normal individual, we're all genetically and biologically distinct. but if sperm meets egg, our features will not be locked in stone. This paintings argues that undesirable genes don't unavoidably reason sickness via themselves, and nutrients and surroundings can modify the result.

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Of course, other things are not always equal, as will be made clear in later discussions. This simple hypothesis has not been tested so far as we have been able to ascertain. Ir senile dementia and borderline conditions, peculiarities in metabolism or selection of foods may contribute to cause an intensified "corrosion" of blood vessels, and these conditions may not prevail in others who are not afflicted. On the other hand, if two blood vessels with internal diameters of 4 mm. and 3 mm. are "corroded" in the same manner with a 1 mm.

Contrary to the idea which often prevails, the recognition of the genetic basis for numerous human difficulties may do quite the opposite from injecting gloom into the outlook. Only by understanding the genetic basis can we hope to be able to modify the environment appropriately so that the difficulty may be overcome. Every bit of insight which we develop with respect to the genetic basis will contribute to our effectiveness in modifying the environment more expertly. It may seem out of place in a book of this sort to mention another difficulty which lies in the way of accepting in a straightforward manner the basic facts of inheritance and its importance in connection with the many problems related to it.

We advocate instead that all phases of the subject be looked at with the same critical attitude, and that the evidence to be found in the field of genetics be given fair consideration and not be rejected a priori on the basis of false philosophical implications. References 1. Herschel K. Mitchell and Mary B. Houlahan, Am. J. Botany, 33, 3135 (1946). 2. G. W. Beadle and E. L. Tatum, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. , 27, 499506 (1941). 3. Robert P. Wagner and Herschel K. , New York, N. , 1955. 4. Josef Warkany, George M.

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