By Carin A. Hagberg MD

Enhance your airway administration talents and conquer scientific challenges with Benumof and Hagberg's Airway administration, third Edition. relied on through anesthesiologists, citizens, and nurse anesthetists, this distinctive anesthesiology reference deals expert, full-color guidance on pre- and post-intubation suggestions and protocols, from gear choice via administration of complications.

  • Practice with self belief
  • by consulting the simply reference solely devoted to airway management, and relied on by way of anesthesiologists, citizens, and nurse anesthetists for up to date info on each point of the field.

  • Focus at the such a lot crucial and useful information
  • with a concise, how-to method, conscientiously selected illustrations, and case examples and research all through.

  • Apply the most recent know-how
  • with new chapters on video laryngoscopes and airway administration in the course of CPR, plus finished updates all through from Dr. Carin Hagberg and plenty of new contributing specialists on airway management.

  • Select the main applicable concepts for tricky cases
  • utilizing the most recent ASA directions.

  • Gain a wealthy visible point of view on complicated techniques and tracking techniques
  • with countless numbers of latest full-color illustrations all through.

  • View movies of intubation and airway administration systems online
  • at, plus entry the full, searchable contents of the ebook.

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Also, the plain x-ray film can be obtained quickly at the patient’s bedside in any loca­ tion in the hospital. , barium swallow to evaluate deglutition, intravenous pyelogram to assess renal function, vascular studies). B. Computed Tomography After the discovery of x-rays, it became apparent that images of the internal structures of the human body could yield important diagnostic information. However, the usefulness of x-ray studies is limited because they project a three-dimensional (3-D) object onto a twodimensional display.

Anaesth Intensive Care 22:165–169, 1994. 20. Mathru M, Esch O, Lang J, et al: Magnetic resonance imaging of the upper airway: Effects of propofol anesthesia and nasal continuous positive airway pressure in humans. Anesthesiology 84:273–279, 1996. 21. Hudgel DW: The role of upper airway anatomy and physiology in obstructive sleep apnea. Clin Chest Med 13:383–398, 1992. 22. Ayappa I, Rapoport DM: The upper airway in sleep: Physiology of the pharynx. Sleep Med Rev 7:9–33, 2003. 23. Patil SP, Schneider H, Schwartz AR, Smith PL: Adult obstructive sleep apnea: Pathophysiology and diagnosis.

When the muscle layer contracts, the arteries can maintain forward flow to the Figure 1-23 Diagram showing formation of peribronchial space by invagination of the visceral pleura. (From Horsfield K: The relation between structure and function of the airways of the lung. ) CHAPTER 1 Functional Anatomy of the Airway 19 Ta 2. Relationship Between Structure and Function Pa Tm Tb Pb Figure 1-24 Vector diagram showing transmural forces influencing airway caliber: Pa, Alveolar gas pressure; Pb, barometric pressure; Ta, alveolar elastic forces; Tb, bronchial elastic forces; Tm, bronchial muscular forces.

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