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3 Body effect (nMOS device shown). Increasing Vs8 causes the channel to be depleted of charge carriers and thus the threshold voltage is raised. V1 =;: '((Vs8 ) 112 where '( is a constant which depends on substrate doping so that the more lightly doped the substrate, the smaller will be the body effect. 4t4 ) Basic VLSI Design Alternatively, we may write where V,(O) is the threshold voltage for Vs8 = 0. 3 MOS TRArtSISTOR TRArtSCOrtDUCTAriCE g, AriD ODTPUI' COrtDUCTAriCE g,. Transconductance expresses the relationship between output current Ids and the input voltage V11 and is defined as To fmd an expression for g,.

D. where Z is determined by the length to width ratio of the transistor in question). 2. 7 [. 8 in which an inverter is driven from the output of another similar inverter. 8 nMOS inverter driven directly by another inverter. d. d. U-:,v -2 V, f smce . 3:_ ( L pd w vmv - v. :.... u. are the widths and lengths of the pull-down and pull-up transistors respectively. d. u. d. :.... u. d. d. = 4/1 for an inverter directly driven by an inverter. 9 in which the input to inverter 2 comes from the output of inverter 1 but passes through one or more nMOS transistors used as switches in series (called pass transistors) .

Lc Vbe is independent of process is a weak function of transistor size. t) gs oxide thickness (often denoted tox) Comparisons can be made between MOS and bipolar transistor gm as follows: 1. q) and the effective gate voltage ( V15 - V1) introduces a large difference in transconductance. 2. L. tF is the forward transit time. 1.

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