By Jennifer O'Connell

Sarah Divine Holmes is a 34-year-old suburban spouse and mom best a typical existence as a contract author whilst she is accessible the journal task of an entire life - to pose as a scorching younger unmarried at the newest television truth sensation, "The Stag." Sarah cannot withstand the chance to skewer the ladies determined sufficient to move on television to snag a guy, and the fellow shallow adequate to view courting as a scores video game. Armed with a killer cloth wardrobe, sun-kissed highlights and her reporter's laptop, she units out to find what occurs on the posh California lodge whilst the cameras cease rolling. What she discovers is this trade truth is extra seductive than she ever anticipated. the opposite girls are not all brainless bimbos, yet are beautiful, self-confident ladies with their very own agendas. And "The Stag" is not the boastful jerk she imagined. stuck up in a whirlwind of moonlight swims, limo rides, and fizz toasts, Sarah stops engaged on her article and begins desirous to win. As she dodges hard-core husband hunters, slimy manufacturers, voyeuristic cameramen, and her personal burgeoning emotions, she involves observe the real-life event in the back of love, marriage, and motherhood. Jennifer O'Connell's snappy heroine, savvy voice, and well timed premise supply readers a sensational tale. BACHELORETTE number one is a fabulously enjoyable and fast moving novel that appears at one of many significant tendencies of modern years.

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Still looking good. Onward. The kitchen smelled amazing, and it almost seemed a shame to be packing away such a delicious—and rare—meal into my dishwasher-warped Tupperware. Jack didn’t get to see my pretty meal, but at least he’d 40 Jennifer O’Connell have leftovers all weekend. After the food was packed away and the kitchen was scrubbed of any last vestiges of my gourmet cooking, I grabbed the bottle of remaining wine and went to the living room to wait. And wait. It seemed I was always the one doing the waiting these days.

I guess I should be getting back. ” He let out a nervous laugh. ” Yep. It did. Strike one for the Stag. “That’s okay. ” “No, it was obnoxious. ” “How could I already conclude you’re an asshole? ” BACHELORETTE # 1 59 He cocked his head and looked like he was trying to figure out a response. “I’m just kidding,” I told him, and couldn’t help but laugh at the poor guy. Maybe he wasn’t a jerk after all. Chris smiled, and I noticed a small dimple in his left cheek, a very endearing dimple. “Well, I hope we get to have that second conversation, to test your theory.

I shook my hair like one of Charlie’s Angels, letting all the layers fall into place around my newly found cheekbones. Rolf had really lived up to his reputation. He turned my shapeless, grown-out bob into chunks of blond that looked so natural it was as if I’d spent a summer hanging out on Baywatch. Fortunately, despite all my years of sun worship and spring breaks broiling in baby oil, Suma had been able to accomplish just the opposite. Despite her own heavy-handed lip pencil and kohl-rimmed eyes, Suma had managed to naturally enhance what I’d forgotten was there to begin with—deep green eyes, subtly arched brows, high cheeks with a hint of rosy glow.

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