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Learning from HIV and AIDS (Biosocial Society Symposium Series)

Various specialist and educational disciplines have addressed the HIV/AIDS pandemic from various views, utilizing diversified analytical techniques. by way of bringing those jointly in a single quantity, studying from HIV/AIDS offers a extra entire photograph of this multi-faceted disorder - from the organic and social elements which facilitate HIV transmission - to the robust cultural and political forces which gas the pandemic.

Facing It: AIDS Diaries And the Death of the Author

For a new release or extra, literary theorists have used the metaphor of "the demise of the writer" in contemplating the statement that to jot down is to abdicate keep watch over over the meanings one's textual content is in a position to producing. yet in terms of AIDS diaries, the metaphor will be literal. dealing with It examines the style no longer in classificatory phrases yet pragmatically, because the website of a social interplay.

Mammalian Subventricular Zones: Their Roles in Brain Development, Cell Replacement, and Disease

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59 Asthma “ In many individuals the failure to use a peak flow meter despite severe asthma is one indicator of who may suffer a fatal attack.  . Many patients do not accept that they have asthma and that it is a chronic disease that requires regular monitoring and medication. ” —Francis V. Adams, The Asthma Sourcebook. New York: McGraw-Hill, 2007. Adams is a pulmonary specialist and a professor of clinical medicine at New York University. “ Experts in the field of asthma have suggested that Buteyko breathing exercises can improve asthma symptoms in some people, and there is some research to support this belief.

Over the past 70 years I have seen very little change in the treatments available for people like me with chronic asthma. The packaging and delivery systems are different, but the medications are essentially the same. I am still waiting for the wonders of modern science to allow me to be asthma free. ” —Elayne Lofchie, “Living with Asthma: Our Stories,” American Asthma Foundation, 2009. org. Lofchie has suffered from asthma since the age of 13.  . are often associated with asthma but they are not necessarily elements of an asthma diagnosis.

Meanwhile, Van Dyken followed her doctor’s orders very closely, using her inhaler to keep her lungs open. To cope with her asthma, Van Dyken would find herself To cope with her using three separate medicaasthma, [Amy] Van tions to keep her bronchial pasDyken would find sages open. herself using three Eventually, Van Dyken enseparate medications joyed a stellar career as a high to keep her bronchial school and college swimmer passages open. S. Olympic swim team. She competed in the 1996 and 2000 Olympics, winning six gold medals.

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