By Iain Hennessey, Alan Japp

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2 mmHg 29 mmol/l. 7 mmol/l 134 mmol/l 102 mmoVl , 2 mmol/t cr u· Hb GIl)cXlSEl 13g/d1. 51 Questions t. a) Describe her gas exchange. b) Describe her acid-base status. 2. "''hat is the most likely diagnosis?

Limited by the nf"f"d to noid hypo)l'a~mJa. ~ of H' ions may imtlate the process but the knlncys have- huge ~ope to correct threatenl"d alkalosi::. by incI'f:'a~ing HC03 excretion. 'Ssary. hurctic dmgc:. g. hypoxoemia, lhod, sep:5i1, infordion) Ketoacidosis ldiabetes, ~Iorvolion. g. ~. Sinc(' '-- ( )1 dissolves in blood to t(\rm carbomc add, th1::.

L1culaling the anion gap (sec over) may help to ~tab~h the caU1Ie uf a metabolic acidosis. Metabolic aridOf;is is recognised on an AI}(; by low HCo, (and negative bas<' exC('5S (BE». :0:!. If resprratory com~bonIS overwhelmed, an acidaf'mia will result. ~ty must be judged aN'ording to both thto lmderlying process and the resulhng acidat'mia An J ICO;, < 15 mmol/L (or BE < 10) indiCi1t~ a severe acidotic process whereas ... idaenua. piratory compcnsatiun. 15; I'· > 70) may lead to arculal0'1' shod:, ~ dysfuncLion, and, uILimatcly death.

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