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1 j Fifth. The already noticed equation of an voyage (Deut. 30. 11-13) and a ad descensus inferos (Rom. 10. 6-8) is no slight indication that in Hebrew thought the relation of the upper to the under world was precisely the same as in the Babylonian. So in Job 38. over-sea uninterrupted passage of the poet s thought from "the recesses of the sea" to the 16, 17, the 1 On the essentially Babylonian "homooentric spheres" of Pythagoras, Parmenides, Eudoxus, Kallippus, Plato, Aristotle, and the rest, see J.

Quot; If after the word "sphere" he had written, other unsupported solid," he would have stated the exact truth. "or Soon the foregoing was written, a distinguished Italian astronomer published a after new and improved representation of the world, and to a consideration of this pass in our next chapter. Hebrew we will CHAPTER II THE HEBREW UNIVERSE AS PICTURED BY SCHIAPARELLI IN the year 1903, Dr. G. Schiaparelli, director of the Brera Observatory in Milan, published in Italian a work entitled Astronomy in the Old Testament.

THE EARLIEST COSMOLOGIES 24 thought to contain a supply of wax, or of some similar substance, with which at appropriate times the Almighty "sealeth up" the stars (Job 9. 7) also, that the earth was believed to ; possess at least one ear (Isa. O 1. "). very latest Encyclopedia Biblica, that edited by Professor Cheyne, brings us in the cosmographic portions no relief. Our young people are entitled to some better guidance in this study. Pending its arrival, the present writer avails himself of the opportunity to re new his profession of faith that both Baby lonian and Hebrew thought were adjusted to field of an earth utterly un-disklike in form, and to a system of heavens above heavens whose com position was as far removed from earthly metals as it was from the silk or the goat s hair of Psa.

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