By Frank A Kmietowicz

There have been assorted sizes of bulwarks

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1996; Tadmor 1994; Leichty 2011. 11 Hawkins 2000. ) 2004; Pardee 2009 a; id. 2009b. 13 Kraeling 1918; Unger 1957; Pitard 1987; Reinhold 1989; Axskjöld 1998; Hafþórrson 2006. 14 Von Oppenheim 1931; id. 1943; id. 1950; id. 1955; id. 1962. 14 hélène sader Tell Fekheriye,15 Zincirli,16 Tell Tayinat,17 and Hamath),18 no published information was available. In spite of its importance the evidence from the above-mentioned sites gave only a truncated view of the Aramaean settlement. It first focused exclusively on large urban sites and within these settlements on the upper cities and their Iron Age II monumental architecture.

Von Oppenheim 1931; id. 1943; id. 1950; id. 1955; id. 1962; Elsen-Novák – Novák 1994; Orthmann 2001; id. ) 2009; iid. ) 2012; Cholidis – Martin 2002; iid. ) 2010; iid. ) 2011; Martin – Novák 2010. 30 Cf. Bonatz – Bartl – Gilibert – Jauss 2008. 31 Cf. Thureau-Dangin – Dunand 1936a; iid. ) 1990; id. 1994; id. 1997b; id. 2009; Bunnens – Hawkins – Leirens 2006. 32 Cf. von Luschan 1893; id. 1898; id. 1902; id. 1911; id. 1943; Landsberger 1948; Wartke 2005; Schloen – Fink 2009a; iid. 2009b; iid. 2009c; Casana – Herrmann 2010.

59 Mazzoni 2000a: 34. 60 So it can be safely assumed that the settlers of the Iron Age I sites were part of the local population of Syria and that the groups called aḫlamû–Aramaeans were also part of this population. The theory that was widely spread 30 years ago and according to which the Aramaeans are foreign invaders coming from the Syro-Arabian desert61 no longer holds in view of the recent archaeological and epigraphic evidence. As B. 4 Northeast Syria between Assyrian Pressure and Neo-Hittite Expansion What was the prevailing political situation in northeast Syria in the Iron Age I according to the above evidence?

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