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Every one of those richly illustrated, fact-packed courses has its personal spouse website maintained by way of DK and Google, offering readers with a constantly up to date library of hyperlinks to complement the book's info with the simplest of the internet.

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There was usually a raised brick oven, on top of which charcoal was burned. Kitchens were equipped with a wide range of utensils, including this strainer which would have been used for straining wine or sauces. Food supplies were stored in pots called amphorae, some of which would be buried in the ground to keep them cool. ≤ LARARIUM Every house had a miniature shrine, called a lararium, where offerings were made to the gods who watched over the family and the home. This shrine has been made to resemble a small temple, with a painting of the goddess Minerva on the wall.

50 CHILDREN We know a great deal about children’s lives in Roman times from the mass of evidence that exists. There are portraits of boys and girls, toys from children’s graves, and mosaics and reliefs showing children at play and going to school. Romans often talk affectionately about children in their letters. ). " School chairs with high backs Pupil reads from a papyrus scroll Grammaticus ≤ School Formal schooling was usually reserved for boys, who went through three stages of education. They were first taught to read and write by a litterator.

They believed that it was a good thing to kill criminals, and they enjoyed watching it done. Brick and concrete walls, faced with limestone COMMODUS > Emperor Commodus was so obsessed with gladiators that he became one himself, even moving into the gladiators’ barracks. He appeared in the Colosseum, dressed as Hercules, and chased and killed ostriches. GLADIATOR GRAFFITI Although gladiators came from the lowest classes, they were as popular as football stars today. Evidence of this adulation is seen in the drawings of gladiators scratched on walls by fans.

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