By John Hewitt

Доспехи и оружие средневековых рыцарей.

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Xxviiii annorum. Ubi fuit Christus lector? In evangelio Iohannis, Erant Iudei et Pharisei dixerunt ad invicem: Quis cantavit psalmum de gradu? Ihesu ut dixit, Date mihi librum, illic cantavit psalmum, lector erat ibi. Ubi fuit Christus hostiarius ? In arca Noe, ipse clausit et ipse aperuit. Ubi fuit Christus subdiaconus? Quando iussit aurire plenas idrias et de aqua fecit vinum. Ubi Christus diaconus ? Quando lavit pedes discipulorum et tersit de linteo splendido, hoc est opera diaconi. Ubi diaconus vel presbiter ?

But like the earlier Syrian texts Dionysius divides the last grade and deals with the bishop and patriarch as separate grades. 22 to the bishop, but he is nearer to Theodore's bishop in assigning the blessing at the ascension to his own patriarch. Much more important than Dionysius' treatment of the highest grade is the unexpected reversal in sequence he introduces in the lowest grades. Unlike the earlier tradition of the Apophthegmata [I, p. 18] and the Expositio officiorum [III, p. 22], Dionysius lists the subdeacon before the lector.

32), pp. 39ff. Constitutiones apostolorum 8 . 1 6 . 5 ; F U N K 1 . 5 2 2 . Ethiopie Didascalia 1 ; H A R D E N , P . 1 . B O U Y E R , The Spirituality of the New Testament and the Fathers (cited above, p. 1, n. 2), p. 181. II. Patristic, Syrian and Byzantine Forms 21 age of thirty a senior in senioribus and therefore was qualified to become the perfect magister15. It would not be surprising at all if it were exactly this picture which the compiler of the Apophthegmata was trying to present when he portrayed Christ as the teacher in the midst of the presbyteroi-seniores-magistri.

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