By Dilwyn Jones

This huge two-volume paintings updates Murray's Index of outdated nation Titles released in 1908. as well as previous nation titles and words, there are a multitude from the Archaic interval and a number of other from the 1st Intermediate interval. The truly awarded entries, prepared alphabetically, give you the commonest orthnography with a transliteration and translation, with a date and textual references. a useful reference device.

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1 Only Elam on the west affords us writing and, therefore, history,2 though tablets from the middle of the plateau inscribed in Elamite pictographs3 suggest that the same language was spoken there as at Susa, Elam's most im­ portant city. 4 At first view, it is a pleasant world in which we meet the house master richly en­ dowed with cattle, fodder, hound, wife, child, fire, milk, and all good things, with grain, grass, and trees bearing every variety of fruit. Waste lands were irrigated by the underground qanat9 and there was increase of flocks and herds and plenty of natural fertilizer.

He knows the heart is a pump; he takes the pulse; he has almost dis­ covered the circulation of the blood. Meanwhile, all unnoticed by the cultured peoples, a rude halfnomad Semite at the Egyptian mines in Sinai had introduced an inven­ tion of infinite promise for the future. Too ignorant to learn the com­ plicated hieroglyphic of the Egyptians, but knowing that they em­ ployed a consonantal alphabet to supplement the syllabic and ideo­ graphic signs, he wondered why no one had realized the beautiful simplicity of a purely alphabetic writing.

During the greater portion of the year, the sun blazed with intense heat from a cloudless sky. By September the air cooled a trifle; by November the nights were uncomfortably cool. Autumn rains were followed by mists and snows and finally fierce blizzards, creeping down lower and lower from the mountains until they reached the plain. The midday sun, when seen, remained hot, and thawed out sufferers frozen by night. By January the passes were filled, and villages hidden in the snows were isolated for the winter.

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