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Performance of the proposed dual-band CPW-fed slot antennas [Figs. 5 mm 33 CPW-Fed Antennas for WiFi and WiMAX (a) (b) Fig. 17. Measured radiation patterns of the proposed antennas in case of optimized antennas in Table 4. (a) 1700 MHz, and (b) 5200 MHz By inserting a slot and metallic strips at the widened stub in a single layer and fed by coplanar waveguide (CPW) transmission line, novel dual-band and broadband operations are presented. 8 bands) bands. The dual-band antennas are simple in design, and the two operating modes of the proposed antennas are associated with perimeter of slots and loading metallic strips, in which the lower operating band can be controlled by varying the perimeters of the outer square slot and the higher band depend on the inner slot of the widened stub.

This requires the application of the high Input Back-off (IBO) at the nonlinear High Power Amplifier (HPA) stage that subsequently results in an inefficient use of HPA and limitation of the battery life in the user mobile stations. In is important to note that nonlinear amplification manifests itself in the form of Bit-Error-Rate (BER) degradation at the receiver side and simultaneously, in the form of the out-of-band radiation Deumal et al. (2008). An intuitive solution to supress the out-of-band radiation and thus, occupy the area within the spectral mask of the transmission is is to deactivate subcarriers at the borders of the used MIMO-OFDM spectrum.

The inverted -shaped reflector, having a horizontal flat section dimension of Wd1×Wd3, is bent with a bent angle of . The width of the bent section of the inverted -shaped reflector is Wd2. The distance between the antenna and the flat section is hd. , 2007). In this section, three typical cases are investigated: (i) the -shaped reflector with hc = 30 mm, =150°, Wc1= 200 mm, Wc2 = 44 mm, beamwidth in H-plane around 72°, as called 72 DegAnt; (ii) the shaped reflector with hc = 30 mm,  =150°, Wc1 = 72 mm, Wc2 = 44 mm, beamwidth in Hplane around 90°, as called 90 DegAnt; and (iii) the inverted -shaped reflector with hd = 50 mm,  = 120°, Wd1 = 72 mm, Wd2 = 44 mm, beamwidth in H-plane around 120°, as called 120 DegAnt.

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