By J. J. Kipling

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G. /g. for water. 1-6 o E JE ^ ο·8

Ax(= x0 — x) «i + n2 + n\ m + n2 m ηί-\-η2 n\ + n1n2 + η^ n\ m + n2n\m — n\ — η^ η2 — n1 n\ m — n^n\m O i + n2) (n1 + n2 + η[ + ni) n2n\m — nlri2m (η! ·. 3) where xt and x2 refer to the mole fractions of components 1 and 2, respec­ tively, in the liquid phase. The function -°— - is (when moles and mole fractions are used) what has m actually been plotted as "adsorption" to give what is properly the composite isotherm. The use of mole fraction units is recommended whenever it is practicable. g.

In the second (which is relevant only to adsorption by porous solids), the adsorbed phase is regarded as filling the available pore space. ( / ) The Monomolecular Layer A fundamental feature of this model is the recognition that the solid surface is completely covered by the adsorbed layer whatever the composition of the liquid phase. 19 The simplest further assumption which can be made is that the adsorbed layer is only one molecule thick. Thus one can refer to "monolayer adsorption" from solution, but the monolayer usually contains a mixture of the two components.

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