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Unlike the inverting circuit, the non-inverting configuration produces a high input impedance, ARi (notice that now node x is not at virtual earth). An interesting modification to the circuit may be made by making R 2 a short-circuit and R 1 an open-circuit; the gain becomes unity [V0 /Jli = 1 + (0/oo)] and the circuit is then described as a unity gain buffer or voltage follower circuit. 4 The non-ideal op-amp It is possible to construct op-amps to give a good approximation to the ideal within prescribed frequency limits.

142. 4 shows such coefficients for various order n of the filter and different pass-band ripple widths. 4 Conclusions We may conclude that the Chebyshev response gives a superior pass-band response, particularly if the ripple width is not too large, than does the Butterworth response. 4112 against a poorer, less linear, phase response, up to the cut-off frequency. 6. A further point is that in the vicinity of the cut-off frequency, the roll-off of the response for the Chebyshev is n times steeper than that for the Butterworth.

At the present time, the availability of inexpensive integrated circuit amplifiers, either in single, dual or quad form, has made the packaged op-amp a useful replacement for discrete amplifiers in many active circuit realisations. The versatility of the op-amp is improved by using negative feedback which improves stability of gain, reduces output impedance and improves linearity of operation. Positive and negative power supplies are required, both referenced to earth potential. tA741 which features offset-null capability, protection against short-circuit, and built-in frequency compensation, which results in unity gain bandwidth of 1 MHz.

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