By Alistair Smith & Nicola Call, Kagan

This booklet deals 9 ideas for mind dependent methods to accelerating studying, bettering motivation and elevating success. It bargains the reader a coherent constitution and describes: assured how you can inspire beginners esteem-building instruments for colleges, academics and oldsters the best way to entry and educate to forms of intelligence 17 alternative ways during which colleges could make sped up studying paintings

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Physiology and emotional learning. Learning and maturation cannot be separated. Nor can the physical readiness or 'state' of the learner and learning. The emotions direct conscious attention. One cannot isolate the cognitive from the affective. We must therefore pay attention to physical and emotional 'state' in our learning environments. Music aids learning. The most recent research suggests that music can aid learning in three ways. It can energize or relax - hence altering the individual's 'state' or readiness for learning.

In stress we experience: constriction of the arteries with a rise in blood pressure the heart rate goes from one to five gallons pumped PERMINUTE activation of the adrenal gland assisting in the release of adrenalin and cortisol into the system to help us run and endure physical pain; enlargement of the vessels to the heart; constriction of vessels to the skin and digestive tract. ' For many young learners whose lives are ones of constant stress, the classroom and the relationship with you as classroom teacher may be the only still point at the centre of a torrid existence.

Their work utilizes co-ordinated patterned physical movement which goes some way to compensate for the absence of such movements in what would have been the optimal developmental 'window' earlier in life. the institute challenges the myth that brain injuries are unbeatable, using a pioneering programme of sensory stimulation. Each child is given an individual programme in which his or her parents are trained. The secret lies in exercises repeated daily, often for months on end... Some exercises involve three volunteers and a technique called patterning designed to replicate the development of movement in a 'normal child* through rhythmic movement of the limbs.

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