By Peter David, Michael Jan Friedman, Robert Greenberger

Retail ePub of Prequel Novel to the film
There have been six brief tales published prime as much as this novel, which can be learn first.

The respectable prequel novel of the epic movie After Earth, directed via M. evening Shyamalan and starring Will Smith and Jaden Smith

After their exodus from Earth, the final people settled a distant planet, Nova major. while an alien strength often called the Skrel descended from the skies, the United Rangers Corps, an elite safety unit, valiantly resisted. Centuries handed with out an assault, and plenty of colonists believed that, with different safety features in position, the assets dedicated to retaining their army energy will be greater spent in different places. Little did they be aware of that hassle was once coming to Nova Prime—and it had a flavor for blood.

The newest in an extended line of embellished warriors, Conner Raige is without doubt one of the Rangers’ so much promising younger cadets, even if his brash self belief and tendency to behave on intuition have earned him as many skeptics as admirers. Conner’s ancestors have been at the entrance strains of humanity’s victory...

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Moore asked. ” “I don’t. You have approximately twenty-four hours. That’s about how long it takes to convene a Challenge Convention and pick the first candidate. ” Cartwright’s thin body jerked. ” “Verrick has put up a million gold dollars to the one who gets you. ” Cartwright heard the words, but they didn’t register. He was vaguely aware that Wakeman had come into the lounge and was moving up to Moore. The two of them walked away talking in low tones. He hardly heard them. Like a frigid nightmare, the phrase “a million gold dollars” dripped and leaked into his brain.

Don’t blame me,” the small man said. ” The girl slid up onto the desk and shrugged her tangle of crimson hair back out of her eyes. She grabbed a package of cigarettes from the desk and lit up with shaky, nervous fingers. “Let’s get the hell out of here, Peter. ” “You know I’m staying,” the small man said. ” The girl half turned as she noticed Benteley for the first time. Her green eyes flickered with surprise and interest. ” “Maybe you better come back some other time,” the small man said to Benteley.

The first meeting of the Society was held. The printing of Preston’s half-crazed, half-prophetic books was begun. … Cartwright hoped that was all they knew. He kept his mental fingers crossed and his eyes on the tv screen. He was now the supreme power of the nine-planet system. He was the Quizmaster, surrounded by a telepathic Corps, with a vast army and warfleet and police force at his disposal. He was unopposed administrator of the random bottle structure, the vast apparatus of classification, Quizzes, lotteries, and training schools.

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