By Troy Denning

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This is a prequel tale to Tatooine Ghost

BONUS: This unique novella contains an excerpt from celebrity Wars: Legacy of the strength: Betrayal and an interview with the author.


Growing up within the shadow of his heroic father, Lumpawarrump, son of Chewbacca, feels super strain to check his father's bold exploits. Chewie's life-debt to Han Solo retains him from returning domestic, and with out the steadying impression of his father, Lumpy is unfocused and uncontrolled. So Chewie's spouse comes to a decision stopover at to Coruscant is so as. It's the best chance for the family members to bond--and for Chewbacca to educate his son a few much-needed life-lessons.

But whilst Lumpy's eagerness to provoke his father results in direct disobedience, Chewie is compelled into an severe pursuit that might lead him into Coruscant's harmful underlevels--and to a mystery as stunning because it is lethal. . . .

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