By Heather Adamson

This ebook follows a doctor in the course of the paintings day, and describes the profession and what the task calls for.

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E It was hard to take the first shuffling sideways step then—to make himself move—and the fear stirred in his stomach, but he did it, again by not allowing himself time to think. F And now—with his chest, stomach, and the left side of his face pressed against the rough cold brick— 190 HERE’S HOW I looked putty up in the dictionary, and it is a paste used for sealing glass panes in windows. Now I understand that this paste has dried and fallen off, so Tom can hold on to the bottom of the window frame for balance.

He stands up and hobbles to the dusty window. He sees Faten outside, her head bare. She is in a line with some of the other people from the boat. A wave of relief washes over him, and he calls her name. She can’t hear him. At 210 last she looks up and sees him. Then she looks away. A woman in a dark business suit arrives, her high heels clicking on the tiled floor “Soy sus abogada,”5 she says. She tells them they are here illegally and that they must sign the paper that the Guardia Civil are going to give them.

B He might possibly get to his feet, but he was afraid to YOUR TURN try. Already his legs were cramped, his thigh muscles tired; Reading Focus his knees hurt, his feet felt numb, and his hands were stiff. He Tom realizes he cannot wait for Clare to get home. Why? What causes Tom to realize that? What effect do you think his realization will have on his actions now? couldn’t possibly stay out here for four hours or anywhere near it. Long before that his legs and arms would give out; he would be forced to try changing his position often—stiffly, clumsily, his coordination and strength gone—and he would fall.

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