By Heather Adamson

This publication follows a dentist in the course of the paintings day, and describes the career and what the activity calls for.

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This negation of their civil, political and social citizenship rights, and the undermining of the social policy provision, makes those in the underclass particularly vulnerable, and subject to poverty and crime in the ghetto. To these dilemmas in the public domain are added those in the private domain where parents and families may demand deferral to patriarchal, familial or religious values - dilemmas made worse by their being made more dependent on their families through unemployment and insecurity.

The strikes at Mansfield Hosiery, Loughborough (1972), Imperial Typewriters, Leicester (1974), Grunwick Film Processing, London (1976), Chix, Slough (1980) and Hillingdon Hospital (1995-98) were mainly based on the resistance of women. The supposed generation gap between the older and the younger women whether from the Indian sub-continent or from East Africa proved irrelevant in the context of their larger unity. This struggle at the workplace was not sustained by sympathetic white co-workers but by the support accorded by the home and the community (Gundara 1982: 54).

As Brah writes about young Asians: They question, resist, challenge and repudiate the social and cultural mechanisms which underpin their subordination. Their political consciousness is marked by their firsthand experience of the processes of exclusion/inferiorization, and their responses are embedded within ideologies developed and elaborated in dialogue with a variety of political discourses, with Asian peer groups and increasingly in discourse with young Afro-Caribbean blacks and anti-racist young whites (Brah 1996: 65-66) The Family The strength of peer group relationships and youth culture is contingent on the type and strength of families.

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