By William Lockley Miller

Dependent upon surveys and interviews with executive officers and electorate, this e-book makes a speciality of matters similar to bribery, corruption, inefficiency and freedom of data in Ukraine, Bulgaria, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. The authors transcend an research of public perceptions and behavior and think about public attitudes in the direction of proposals for reform. They exhibit how the matter of voters' interactions with officers varies in type in addition to in measure around the international locations of valuable and japanese Europe.

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There is a very widespread perception that officials treat clients of their own ‘nationality’ or ethnic group better than other clients. In their own experience, most ethnic minorities report even lower levels of fair treatment than the titular nationality, though the actual difference in experience 30 A Culture of Corruption? is less than that implied by perceptions and suspicions. The response of ethnic minorities in generalis to ‘try harder’. By their own account, minorities make more use of any and every strategy for influencing officials-they argue more than the titular nationality and they also use contacts, presents and bribes morefkquently.

76 Similarly, when Robert Service describesthe Soviet systemas ‘unworkable’ without corruption, or when Paddock describes corruption as ‘an indispensable partof Russian life’,the implicit modelis one in which behavby history and tradition. iour is determined by current conditions, not The ‘fading legacy’ model argues that people enter the present with all the baggage of their past. They may adjustto current conditions, but that takes time. Reforms have a gradual effect. It will take time for the old corrupt ways of communism to be replaced by thoseof free-market democracy, but change and reformare possible, even natural.

4 FGs in eastern Ukraiie were located in the Donetsk region, those in western Ukraiie in the Lviv region,allchairedbyAlexanderFedorishinusingthelanguagechosenbytheparticipRussian in Kyiv, Sevastopoland eastern Ukraine, Ukrainian in western Ukraine. FGs in Bulgaria were chaired by Andrej Nonchev (except for the one in Straldja which was chaired by Elena 34 A Culture of Corruption? FGs in Slovakia were chaired by Patrik Minarin Slovak (except for the one in Nov6ZBmky,which was chaired by Ladislav K6ppl speaking in Czech while participants responded in Slovak).

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