Mini Bio

Nanci B. Roberts

Business life started out at a young age modeling & acting while attending Hollywood Professional School. I went to Immaculate Heart College to study art, focusing on serigraphy with famed artist Sister Corita Kent. I got married to a rock-n-roll singer, had 2 kids and got divorced. While raising the two children I was a Camp Nurse, Janitor, Life Guard, Swimming Instructor, door to door Salesperson, taught CPR & Heimlich maneuver to ¼ of the population of Glendale, was a Dishwasher, Short-Order Cook and worked for one-hour in an S & M parlor before being let go. Kids got older and I was able to do more substantial work which included being a Political Speech Writer, an Executive at Playboy Enterprises and Corporate Communications for The Walt Disney Company. It was then while spending my lunches bemoaning the restrictions of corporate life that I was seduced to the Dark Side of the Camera and entered the Art Department.